Monday, February 09, 2009

Exchange rate woes!!!

At this moment in time I hate the euro, before Christmas I went to check out the price of a new Canon SLR camera body since my old camera is on its last legs, it was priced at 578 euro, which is a great price, but considering its before Christmas, I decided to wait for the January sales and see what further reductions may come about.

This was, as I have now learnt the wrong decision to have made, since the euro has weakened beyond belief as the dollar and sterling continue to improve. Yes January did see a further reduction but because of the exchange rates it will now cost me 649 euro.

Anger does not convey enough about how I am feeling right now! not only that with the 4th annual Irish Blog Awards on the 21st rapidly approaching this may well be the first year as a photoblogger not to go with a camera!



  1. you should learn to shop like a woman, if you are in any doubt about a purchase just buy it anyway... works for me

  2. tell me about it....get paid in sterling and lost 300 euros wages last month :(