Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hello hello hello

Seeing as everybody is introducing themselves I thought I better
introduce myself too. I am a 30 something Irish man who is taking
part in a group blog for the first time. Yes I'm a group blog virgin.
I've never been to a blog orgy and I've certainly never taken someone
else's comments from a bowl and claimed them as my own.

That's all about to change. It may take a while, but I plan on
transforming myself into a promiscuous commenter just to see if I can
get to know the other new patrons of this blog.

I apologise in advance for my swearing* but my mouth is dirtier than a
coal-miner, and more fruity than a banana plantation.

* you may have noticed no swear words were used in the composition of
this post, please be patient.


  1. I too am hoping to become a "promiscuous commenter" so I am starting with you. Glad to read you and looking forward to all of us having a great time.

  2. Nice to meet both of you guys and I may give you a run for your money on the commenter proposition, we'll see. Either way we'll have fun!

  3. Loving the idea of this been a blog orgy may be our strap line hmmm.

    You and swearing hmm you do you know who I am and what I am like you aint seen nothing yet!

    Welcome look forward to someone else cursing as much as me!