Sunday, February 01, 2009

The H.I. does LA

Myself & the Missus Alright so I guess it's my turn. I'm an Irishman in LA, sunny LA. How did I end up here? Very simple. I can wear a t-shirt in winter and not freeze my nads off. Been here almost nine years which is kinda cool considering the name of the blog.
Anyway, married to the missus H.I. for a couple of years now. Kids? Next year I'm thinkin'. I think I'd be a good dad but who the fuck knows. I'll just wing it right? All the fam bam are back home so apart from my other half, I'm flying solo. I've always been a bit of a lone ranger though so it's no surprise I came here on my tod but have my amazing missus is by my side now so it's all good.
Really looking forward to revealing in innerds, thoughts that is.


  1. Nice to be bloggin with you. As for the parent thing, been winging it for 27 years.. so far so good. Which means they havent sued, murdered or disowned me ;o)

  2. lol etamni.

    Parenting is not an artform or a skill. It's a long term course in observation, common sense, and unconditional love.

  3. Well that's where having two hands on parents is good. Only one of you has to be patient at any moment in time.

  4. Hi h.i.
    lovely to talk to you and I envy you . Sun oh I yearn for sun . Looking forward to reading about sun never mind kid's it's all about sun

  5. Hey H.I. well as I am sure you are aware Ireland is in the crapper at the moment so you have the right idea been as far away as possible!

    As for kids, well with only one here I will say its a life changing experience for the better, get to it man!

  6. Hi H.I.

    I'll be asking you for tips when I want to impress my fiance. She's a chef and so much better than me at cooking. Made me realize that cooking is much more than the perfect recipe (I'm good at following those..).

    Where she tastes distinct flavors and knows what to add to make it perfect - I just simply taste "Good", with no clue what made it or where to go from there.

    Our son on the other hand, is already in training. As he tastes our homemade tomato sauce he gets stary eyed and is clearly analyzing the tastes. At those moments its great to be a parent.