Friday, February 13, 2009

I have a problem.

I am a twitaholic, I love twitter and I think anyone who knows me will verify this.

But I also have a life at home, an amazing wife, beautiful daughter and a fantastic job, and I feel twitter is eating into the majority of my time these days. I have an addictive personality which I am sure has been passed on from my dad, it almost caused a serious rift between me and my wife before, when I played a game called "World of warcraft". This game has been well documented on the web as been a great game which you get totally immersed in. When I decided enough was enough with WOW I checked how long I had been playing for, which you could see when you logged into the game, I had played for over 60 days in the space of 7 months!!! now those are real days, real hours, real seconds of my life in a game! What the fuck is that all about.

Twitter has started to do the same to me, I would be scared to figure out how many days or even months of real time I have spent there, so I made an agreement with myself a good while ago, saying that when I hit 10000 updates I will quit twitter, I hit 10000 updates over 9000 updates ago, people asked me to stay, but since then it has gotten even better, the people I have met through twitter are a fantastic bunch, but I made another agreement with myself and told no one of it, once you hit 1000 followers you really need to cop on and leave.

Well that has just happened and now I have no idea what to do.

My wife has said these words a lot to me lately "you speak more to those people on twitter then you do to me" honestly she is right I do, and now I am seriously worried!

People have said cut down on it, take a break from it! as I say I have an addictive personality that just wont happen, with me it always has to be all or nothing!

What a bizarre quandary to find myself in!


  1. I don't know if you got my last comment as i'm a technophobic ludite...right take 2:- don't go.....compromise...surely Quandries R'Us can sort this out for you....@Pamjo

  2. Ah, you can't leave Twitter, John, it wouldn't be the same without you!
    While I understand the addictive personality thing, you have to be strong enough to cut down a bit! Pick a certain time when you'll tweet, and stick to it! Plenty of people only tweet sometimes, you can do it!

  3. Thats so not me Aislinn, I cant do that it aint how I personally use twitter!

    I am in there for the banter, the craic, etc cant dip in and out of conversations, it just wont work!

    Pam totally agree compromise is good just not sure what compromise yet

  4. Bloody addictive personality.....runs in the family bro.

    I am exactly the same with a number of vices. Problem is that when you compromise you feel worse, like you are missing something, even though you arent. Major mind battle needed shan

  5. The first step to overcoming your addiction is accepting you are addicted, so they say. ;)

    But lets be serious for a minute!I understand that you don't want to give up your real life for the virtual life we all love to lead.So you should quit if you think its the right thing to do and good luck with everything and if things settle down you can always come back to twitter, we will probably all be still here! :D

  6. you could always do what Jon and I do and twitter next to each other?

  7. My friend John,

    I cannot and will not tell any person what to do. It is not me and the heart will generally nee always tells the head what to do.

    With that in mind I always lived with a I-dont-ever-wanna-look-back and say I-wish-had-done-that.. with regard to my personal life and in certain aspects of my work life. But - that rule is always ruled out by the if-i-thought-for-one-minute-it-would-upset-herself rule. And with a logic hat on it is that simple.

    You are a good man. You have an amazing family. You are a good friend and the coffee will always be on for you [the three of ye]. Whether it be twitter, phone or carrier pidgeon - good friends will all stand by your side :lol:

    slán go foill a chara

  8. Go on a Twitter Diet. Set yourself your 'calories' and then try and keep to it. There may be times you slip off the wagon, but thats ok, there will be days when you dont need to Twitter at all. So it will balance out.

    Just dont leave Twitter completely. I really enjoy your contributions.

  9. Listen to me. I don't typically have an addictive personality but I can't get enough of twitter. You're right. I've made some great contacts and new friends on twitter too and for me it's a great way to connect with people at home. You'll know what the right thing to do is when/if the time arrives.
    Go with your gut man.

  10. Right well had a chat with Mrs Shan last night and have decided the best thing for me to do is exactly what you guys have said, calm the fuck down, at the end of the day its not all about twitter but more the time I spend on the computer in general. So night times will be more about family with me occasionally popping into twitterland.

  11. I'm behind the times but might as well contribute. I just had 3 weeks of full on 150% twitter addiction, all day, 6-8 hours straight each night. The 2 week ends I was away I was thinking the whole time that I wanted to escape to the toilet to get a tweet in. I probably spent at least 100 quid abroad on phone charges from using twitter. Madness but I decided last Sun it was enough and went cold turkey for 2 days and it worked. When I came back I was way less addicted than before and although I'm still on it all the time it doesn't have the same hold over me.

    I don't know if this subject came up before but I find people are addicted to one thing or the other, not all or nothing. There's so many things I've been very addicted to but the most obvious, the gargle, I can take or leave like that.