Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Irish Blog Awards 2009

So another year has past and what an amazing night was had in Cork, this time last year this very blog was attempting to win best group blog, but alas since we died we did not make the cut this year.

The turnout was incredible, the organisation was palpable, and the heads were fucked the next day.

Even better was the fact that I was not alone down in Cork spreading the 4nine£'s gospel, Dagnamit made it down aswell and even though I wanted to talk to him more our paths did not cross as much as I wished.

I was very busy last week as many folk on twitter can vouch for, this was because I was busy doing up some videos to be shown on the night. Last year myself and a very prominent blogger worked hard to create these, me on editing duties and him writing up the script.

Well we knew this year we could never match good ole george so we stuck to doing up the intro, intermission and outro. I also had to plead with someone to get all the screengrabs of the finalists and create a nice looking montage of them as they were announced.

But we really did enjoy doing up the intermission which by all accounts came at a perfect time with the oscars happening the following day, and I am delighted to post it up here.

So another year done, now, we as a little family need to get the posts flowing and who knows maybe next year 4nine£'s can have a little road trip to the Irish Blog Awards 2010.


  1. Sounds like you had a really good time. Wouldnt it be great to be nominated for an Award for our blogs here. Would have to pick someone to do a 'Kate Winslet' for us.

  2. Shanachie I don't think anybody got to spend as much time as they wanted with people, but hey I met a load of new people so it kinda makes up for it.

    I thought 4nine£'s was going to get a mention in the intermission for rising from the ashes :(

  3. I know Dagnamit I really should have included us, I am a knobend. A humble knobend.

    In hindsight would have been great for free traffic, would have shown we are back, would have been a simple thing to do!

    The scriptwriter even asked me why I had not included it. I just said nah aint dead long enough, god what a thick I am.

    Ah well next year the group blog belongs to us and I think people from far and wide shall come to bask in our success! bring on 2010

  4. I was gonna ask the same question. Love the new video.