Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cheap Ass Waste Of Time Television

"What's on the box love?" says I to she,
"The usual" is the response I receive,
There's shite on One about some lad in a field,
Who's invented a new way to plant some seed,
There's people on holidays on RTE Two,
"Who can afford to go now?" says you,
They send these celebs (if you can call them that),
To Oz and to Spain, why not Iraq?
With my license money they're taking the piss,
Sending Lucy Kennedy to swim with big fish.

"Oh right", said I, "what about Three",
(I'm clutching at straws here can't you see?),
"Well Lorraine and the girls are on Exposé",
"They all think they're twenty" I hear you say.
But they're wise and sage about the economy,
Spend spend spend to avoid the monotony,
Of people talking about the recession,
Lecturing us with their blank expressions.

"I've enough listening to shit talk for one day,
All I want is some good TV,
Like back in the old days on RTE,
Mike Murphy come back we need a shot,
Of your comedy genius that most have forgot,
Or what about Biddy and Miley and Dinny,
We thought that was shite til we saw Fair City.

Now that I step back and think,
I have the solution and it's not Twink,
Those of you with Sky may scoff,
But fuck you TV I'm turning you off.


  1. Why do men alway's ask their partner's what's on tonight. Last night I was asked this I said Banged up abroad i heard a grunt so i said what do u want to watch I got back don't mind. Banged up abroad came on he say's oh great I like this???

  2. RTE's not so bad.
    The new stations are just a fad.
    We'd be lost without Dobbo on the news
    And Q&A's ranters and their dodgy views
    I wouldn't go near TV3
    Anything's better for me
    Unless your talking the CSI Miami repeats
    Then I'm glued to the seat
    But even then RTE is showing Season seven
    Oh yea, sunny cheesy heaven.

    It sounds like your in two/four channel land
    But if you had satellite or a cable band
    You'd end up watching even worse drivel
    with even more things over which to quibble

    So count yourself lucky that your not queuing
    To watch more and more crap viewing
    And if that doesn't work out
    There's always a box set or Wii work out.

  3. loving the rhyming theme in this post, and fair play to both Dagnamit and Milan.