Saturday, February 21, 2009

A night out in Limerick

I was enjoying a pint with an old friend in Blackrock recently when the conversation turned to Limerick. I invited my friend down for a weekend, which I have been doing for about 9 years - which he'd been promising to do yet actively not.

Not realising just how strong the anti-Limerick media campaign has been over the past decade+, I pushed the point about him actually having to come down. He turned to me, in all seriousness, and asked me just how dangerous was Limerick, and would we be able to go out and were there places to eat out in and then maybe walk to a pub. I was waiting for the smile at the end of the joke but it became clear that thiswas no joke and no smile was coming.

So for people who haven't yet been out in Limerick, here are some views of the Fab City from last Saturday. Apologies for the bad quality, I'm not a photographer and shouldn't be let near one. But someonewasn't watching when...


  1. Looks lovely!
    But why is it supposed to be dangerous?

  2. Same as Lili said.
    Looks to be a lovely place. I assume it has a bad reputation?

  3. It does have a bad reputation but it's very blown out of the water. In reality, Limerick as a lower per capita incidence of violence but as it's between two main factions over a long, long time, the media have become obsessed with it, giving Limerick a bad name (literally, by calling it "Stab City").

    Its actually a very nice, cosmopolitan and friendly city, with 1 in 5 people being a 3rd level student. I've lived in Cape Town, Dublin and Limerick and Limerick wins.

  4. Great Pics Dave-Needless to say I adore Limerick no other place i rather live in Ireland amazing people and great fun oh and a fab market on a saturday!

  5. Lots of history in and around Limerick. Been there so many times. It did have a seriously bad rap for as long as I can remember but all good now I'm Photos look great btw. Get your buddy down there!

  6. It's bloody ridiculous the bad reputation Limerick has. I've been out down there many times and have never ever had any issues.

    Love the city, with it's mix of old and new, and there's a great sense of humour in the locals too.

    Rock on Limerick, you're a lady.