Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow snow go away

Yes I'm going against the grain with this one but I have to be true to my roots.


Why you may ask? It's so pretty and fluffy and ...

It's a fucking nightmare that's what it is. Power cuts, no water,
dangerous for the elderly, and it makes it easier for fucking idiots
who speed on the road to crash and ruin their own and other people's

Roll on the slush and let us all get on with our lives.


  1. Hope it clears up and the stupid people stay off the roads. Thankfully it doesn't snow here, but people can't seem to deal with the rain in fog without driving like morons.

  2. Booooooo........It is pretty and fluffy!!!

    To be honest I just want a snow day off work because "I couldnt make it" hehehe

    I know what you mean though, a few guys in the UK were giving out big style yesterday about the fat that the treacherous conditions didnt stop twats driving right up their arses while going to work.

  3. It looks lovely but hate going out in it once it ices up. Far too dangerous. Hoping sun will shine and melt it all away so Im no longer trapped in my home.

  4. I couldn't tell ya man. I live in California, ha ;)

  5. I was originally going to disagree with you, but we cut had a power cut tonight because of it...

    Protest against snow!

  6. its looses it's appeal once you hit 15 years old I think

  7. Untrue here in work yesterday Anjee I went outside for a smoke on our patio area just off from reception and danced in the heavy snow that was falling, made a lot of clients laugh tbh but I did not care I love snow and hate this post Dagnamit! ;-)

  8. @shan you have the right to your opinion you sheltered townie!