Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ice Maiden

Those that have met me will know I’m not frigid or indeed an ice maiden. But today I’m stuck at home as its just too icy outside to venture out. Really pleased that on Sunday I did my shopping and stocked up on lots of goodies.
It was my brothers birthday on Saturday and on Sunday evening we had a lovely family meal. As it had only been very light snow during the day I decided that it would be ok to go. But while we were eating our meal we could see through the windows the snow was falling heavily. In fact within two hours there was nearly four inches of snow. My brother wanted me to stay over but I just wanted to get home, or see if I could get home.

It took me two and a half hours to drive 40 miles home, was quite scary and didn’t like it at all. The main roads were just slowly crawling along, but once I got to the M23 I managed to drive at 20 mph! Was relieved to be home once I got there. Sussex hadn’t had as much snow, well not until later that night. I woke up on Monday morning to a beautiful blanket of snow and decided that it was best I didn’t drive anywhere. Instead I went for a snow walk. Love walking in the snow, but not once it gets icy. I’m the kind of person who easily slips over nothing.

Ive been watching day time tv and scoffing a box of hand made chocolates I received as a gift. Plenty of hot drinks and fluffy socks and watching people slip sliding up and down the road outside are the order of the day.

Went and saw The Reader on Friday with my girlfriend D. Will pop up a review within the next few days.

Im hoping weather is better tomorrow as its my best friends birthday and looking forward to going to salsa with her and catching up. Only done one salsa lesson so far this year, need to catch up.

What a way to start February, hope your keeping warm and enjoying the snow.
x x x


  1. Unfortunately for me I aint getting snowed in at all and I am pissed off! I love snow as Ail's post testifies and to not have it stick around me is not making me happy or Shan Jnr.

  2. That is exactly what I had in mind if we got snowed in in Dublin....Wrap up in the onzy looking at people fall over outside :). We had a lovely fall yesterday afternoon that was sticking straight away, 15mins later it was all gone.