Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well since we are all on twitter!

Let me introduce you @twecipe or Mr Onion Head as I have fondly started to call him, this is a fantastic tweeter from Niall Harbison from (formally

I have to say I know these guys, well Niall more so, and the way they have run this business at their age is amazing to see. They work their arses off providing recipes to the masses and all of this is free.

So whats the deal with @twecipe its quite simple, direct him a tweet and give him 3 ingredients you may have lying about, a very very short while later up pops a link from him to a recipe, not happy with that well ask again and he may come back with another.

I can see this having a huge following and really deserves to get pushed out there, so fair play Niall, Sean and the rest of the lookandtaste crew, what a great use for twitter! and congrats on the rebranding of to


  1. I think this is a fab little idea, I for one will be taking advantage of this one