Monday, February 02, 2009

Yay thank you god!!!

The view from my bus window on the way to work!

At last my wish for my 2 year has happened, this morning I awoke to blizzard conditions out in Bray. Shans Jnrs face lit up when she looked out the window, although she did wonder if the witch from "Dora the explorer and the snow princess" had done the damage (she has a bit of a fear for witches at present).

Once reassured that there's no such thing as witches she fell in love with the snow and brought a teary smile to my face. So from what I can gather Ireland is meant to get the white stuff for the week, well except Wednesday, bring it on I say.

God, I salute you


  1. Plenty more of that stuff over here. We have lots to share. Come do tobogan run in Oslo!

  2. Imagine if we got the same amounts as we had in 84.... We could build an igloo again. The same bully from ballybrack would probably find it and break it though :(

  3. Shan why do you have the word verification on?

  4. to try and stop you traitors infiltrating us again! hehe.

    Will turn it off and keep and an eye on the spam but if it starts to come in some sort of verification will be needed!

  5. and its still snowing in Colchester 24 hrs later!

  6. I am so glad she enjoyed the snow and got over the fear of witches. Should make some nice memories for her.