Sunday, February 01, 2009

Quick Question

I need to ask you guys a question and I want you to be brutally honest with me ok? Do I look fat in this shirt?
I'm babysitting a Nintendo Wii at the moment (that's a whole different story). I'm not much of a 'gamer' (not sure I should even be using that term being 38) but they have a fitness game called Wii Fit. Now, I consider myself to be pretty active and neurotically healthy, I eat good and all that jazz. My missus has being doing this Wii Fit for the past month or so and said I should give it a go. I was confident but not cocky.
It starts off with a body test, you know weight, bmi (weight to height ratio), balance, etc. On I get and off we go with the tests. Pretty straight forward I'm thinking. So it's time to weigh me, no problem there, right?
Huh?? So I'm now a fat bastard. I'm not shallow. I can deal with that. I'll go to the gym 7 instead of six days, well doable. Then there were a few other balance tests. Apparently I hang a bit to the left (I knew that already though).
Finally, it was time to tell me my Wii Fit age. I didn't need a computer to tell me this. I was born in 1970 so that makes me....
WTF? All those years in the gym and I'm a 56 yr old fat guy. I couldn't care less though 'cause my missus, as it turns out is, 24. Booya!


  1. Haha.....I love it. I dont think you look fat. In fact you are looking oddly animated to be honest....Try the test twice more, let us know your results. I reckon with 2 more goes your age will have dropped by about 18years ;)

  2. I thinks it's going back to it's usual home pretty soon so I'll just have to come to terms with who I really am!! I'll survive ;)

  3. WTF 38 year old fat bastard with a 24 year old missus. Is she your carer? Haha.

    Those year prediction things are dumb. What if you have poor balance due to some ear infection you had as a child? Not only will your hearing be affected but Nintendo will tell you that you're overweight too.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

  4. great post. Love it right up to the last word! Well done!

  5. I'm expecting pictures of the Balance Board in smithereens outside your house after a fit of rage in which it gave you a higher age in a subsequent body test :)

  6. Smart self-marketing nintendo product. Get a ps3 - it makes you feel comfy

  7. have one , tried it hurt my leg trying to balance so now it sits under the table looking at me and trying to make me feel guilty. so i think I'll just stay a fat aul one

  8. The pants arn't too flattering but you don't look fat. I know several people who's stats came out wonky and they had to tweak them a bit to get the proper workout.