Saturday, March 28, 2009

Are you looking at me?

If easily made queasy by ugly people please keep moving. Thank you.

Let me start by saying I am 47 years old, I have some grey hair and wrinkles and I am fat..yes I said it I am old and fat. So what!

What bring this up , is in many chat groups I belong to is yet another celeb has lost weight and become an acceptable human being again, so much so at my age she is on the cover of a magazine in a bikini. I am happy for her, this was her goal and she met it head on. Now she is reaping the benefits.

I do not want to hear 47 is the new 37, what does that even mean? I do not want to age backwards, I do not want to look like a teenager, I do not wish to wear bikinis in public.

I know there has to a middle ground between neglecting or abusing ones self and only focusing on yourself. Everyday I see people that all they go on and on about is looking better ,looking younger...I don't get it, is it really all that horrible to be who you are? Is it really healthy to focus so much on your looks?

Now don't get me wrong,. Healthy is a good thing. I understand that we all should take good care of ourselves, but to concentrate so hard on fighting nature, is it really the healthiest way to live our lives? Is this the example we want to leave to future generations? How about remembering to lives ourlives with out being so obsessive about how we look while living it?

Maybe I am just rambling again and have no idea what I am talking about.


  1. As with everything in life it's a trade-off. You can look way better but it takes time and energy. For me, much as I'd like to lose some of my belly, I've no interest in exercise so between the two I'd pick being fat.

    There's the latent social desire to be young and pretty that causes all manner of ill. Then there's the social moral to treat everyone the same and not distinguish by appearance. But the downside of that is it conflicts with aesthetics, we're allowed find beauty and celebrate it everywhere else, but beauty in humans becomes shallow and a vice. I don't like that. There's no happy middle ground is there.

  2. I just dont get this post at all being beautiful in so many ways has come naturally to me!

    OK enough messing, as the father of a two and half year old it worries me to see the pressures being put on people these days on how they look! only there last week I decided after pressure from the missus to have a shave for the first time in a month, I came into work and every one was telling me how much better I looked and it had taken years off me!!! Fuck off I dont want to be young again, why would I want to be its not like I am going out on the pull or anything!!!

    But do you really know what pissed me off so much about all of this was the fact, I loved the scruffy as hell look I had perfected! I honestly believe it suited me! So now I feel stupid aswell as cold with my shaven face!

    I know this has very little to do with what you wrote but maybe it made you smile a bit!!!

  3. Shan I'd say you do look younger but the scruffy look is better all round.

  4. Well im a woman (oh yes I am) who has curves on her curves. Im classed as overweight and I kinda like the way I am now. I havent always, ive grown into me I suppose you could say. I have a sweet tooth, I exercise by walking and swimming on a regular basis. My blood pressure is fine, and Im feeling quite healthy.

    There is a lot of media pressure out there as to what looks good and acceptable and what isnt. Stuff and nonsense to it all. As long as you are healthy and happy then no problem at all.

    I dont want to be a skinny bird, it would show up my wrinkles too much ;o)