Friday, March 27, 2009

Knowing me Knowing you

Years ago I hung round with people who were into religion, spirituality and deep and meaningful conversations and relationships. There was a snobbishness to it and there was a sense that if you weren't spilling your heart and soul out with someone, you didn't really know them.

Nowadays I spend a lot of time in the virtual realm where life revolves round 140 characters but I still get a lot of people who would say that you only know people who you're very close to.

It's something I've always disputed because I think anything you do gives off something about your personality, even just your image tells something about you. It mightn't be all of you or "the real" you but it's still you nonetheless. Take someone like C. Ronaldo. I have a real sense of what he's like as a person for years even though I've never heard him speak. There are lots of people I interact with regularly on Twitter, Facebook and blogs who I've never met but I have a sense of what they're like just from their avatars and short humourous comments. Even the very false people are giving out something of themselves.

I don't know if I'm arguing into nothing here but just thought I'd make the point.


  1. i know what u mean a girl i only know on twitter knew i was'nt in good form the other day i was amazed

  2. Ails - that was interesting. Shanachie used to always say that you had a great insight for what was happening with online people.

    I was thinking about this post afterwards last night thinking maybe I have it all wrong. Must resist urge to delete.

  3. I find it to be a strange mixed up world online. There are those who share who they are completely! Those who gurad tthemselves but let out this and that. Then there are those who can only be call frauds as they put on a show. But these same exact types exisit in real life too. Hate calling it real life because people online ar real too. I do think it is easier for the users and frauds to do their thing online. Oh hell I don't know what I am saying, as usual.

  4. Etamni, I'm with you, I'm not sure about all this. What does all this uncertainty say?