Monday, March 09, 2009

Hanging Around

From what was a very sad start to the weekend, it turned out to be a lovely one with family and friends. It was the 5th anniversary of my Mums death on Friday. Just cant believe its been 5 years. It hit me quite hard this year, being the second one without Dad. My brother and I continue the tradition we started with Dad, going up to the Cemetery and lay some lilies and then go for a drink and bite to eat together. We could’nt do this on the Friday, as my brother had a funeral to go to. So we did this on Saturday. The Cemetery where my parents are is lovely, its a memorial garden, so no headstones, just brass plaques in the ground and lots of flowers around. Its right next to some fields, so its very peaceful. Often when I visit its just me and the rabbits. We shed a few tears, shared a few smiles and hugs and then went for a lovely Thai meal at my brothers local pub. Met up with my niece and nephew, more hugs, which was lovely.

Then on Sunday I went for lunch to some good friends of mine. They are very much into BDSM and its fascinating to hear what they have been up to. They had a new toy to show me. My friends have a lovely barn extension on their cottage in the middle of nowhere. They have huge beams, from which various hooks and brackets are attached. Their new toy had been made for them, a contraption with a manual hoist, which when your ankles are attached to it by stirrups you can be pulled up off the ground and hang upside down! Well I just had to try this as Ive never hung upside down, and it had to be done before dinner too. It was quite weird being hauled up and hanging by your feet. It took me a few minutes to be brave enough to take my hands off the ground, but I did it!. I was about two foot from the floor , with a cushion underneath me just in case ! I managed about six minutes before I got a bit dizzy and asked to be taken down. I imagine it would be great for those with bad backs, Im sure I was a bit tallker when I was released lol.

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  1. glad your weekend was ok. Would love to have tried that hanging upside down thing when i was younger