Sunday, March 08, 2009


I'm not sure how all the writers here on 49 met but I'm thinking the common denominator was Twitter. Those of us who are t'heads got on there to either meet new people, network with peeps in or out of their industry or find a bride from Thailand. Whatever floats your boat, right? For me I wanted to use it as a network tool but as it happens met some cool people from all over both in and out of my field.
I came across this article in the LA Times last week about actors who use twitter to 'talk' to their fans. I know there are a bunch of celeb twitterers out there and this was confirmed to me when my missus was reading one of her celeb rag mags last night and they had an article about some of these peeps. Ashton and Demi, John Mayer, Lance Armstrong, Jimmy Fallon, whoever else. I couldn't be bothered getting up and getting the mag now but you get my drift.
Now, I wouldn't be caught dead reading one of these mags because I have soooo much more important shit to be doing BUT for research purposes I 'glanced' through it. It took longer than I thought. Lots o' pictures though!
Anyway, these folks have 10, 20, 30 thousand followers so I guess for them it keeps them in touch with their fanbase and it is free market research to see how their latest movie or album is being received. As for the followers it makes them fell like the celebs are talking to them when they tweet and makes them feel accessible, I guess.
Here in LA, in particular celebs are so revered and idolised that they become more like untouchable gods so with Twitter, I think it makes them more human and 'normal'. If they tweet that they're stuck in traffic on the 405 (freeway) people can relate to that especially if they're also stuck on the 405. For me I love the interaction with new (interesting) people. I'm not looking to be one of 43,684 followers whereby you'll never have a direct conversation with them. I could care less really. Not putting anybody down but for me, I want some interaction.
I thought it was interesting to see quickly Twitter is hitting the mainstream. Apparently, Twitter had 2.6 million users in Jan. up from 178,000 last year. Pretty remarkable. I'm sure George Clooney having 1.3 mil followers has helped!
BTW, APPARENTLY Britney's new tour is going to be "off the hook" and John and Jen are celebrating their 1st anniversary, ahh!


  1. That's the thing there's different levels of twittering going on by celebrities from William Shattner's media announcements to Jonathan Ross/Stephen Fry tweeting the day to day stuff. What I like is when they give you an inside look at big events, like Ross at the Baftas and Philip Schofield live-tweeing the Brit Awards. But it's impossible for the big celebs to fully interact cause they'd get too many comments.

  2. I've never had a reply from a celeb but I do like to see what they are saying stephen Fry and Philip Scholfield in particular.

  3. To be honest as a Twitter god myself, I am sick to death of these celebs jumping on the bandwagon, fuck of and let us normal folk enjoy oursleves.

    They do not communicate with us at all it all just me me me and then if you reply you are lucky to get noticed because your response is somewhere in the middle of 30000 others!

    Then the fuckers dont follow you back, why? are we not as interesting mr/mrs celebrity!!!

    Yes since the celebs have come on board twitter has lost a lot of momentum for me which as a massive fan is funny for me to say!

    /end rant

  4. Ya, I've no intention of following a celeb with soooo many followers waiting for them to say something. Some of them don't even tweet themselves so who gives a fuck. I've been told John Mayer at least does it himself and is quite witty, who knows but tbh I'd prefer to at least have some interaction with peeps.