Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mother's Day

Like all the rest Mothers Day is a first for me.
The first mothers day
The first Birthday
The first Christmas 

Without my mom

And yet the Crocus's are coming out, the sun is shining, the laughter is on my children's faces 
And I finally realise that life does indeed go on 


  1. I'm in that first year too. It's not so bad but my view of life and death has changed. Death is so much closer for me now. Sometimes I think what's the point in setting long term plans when we're all going die any minute anyway.

  2. Ive been without my Mum for five years now. Still miss her so much, but as you say, life does go on, just in a different way.

    Ive no mum now to turn to, Im also not a mum, nor will be. So Mothers Day was spent under the duvet watching dvds, having my memories to keep me company.

    Mums are very special people.

  3. Have to say never took much head to mother's day or any of the fake marketing celebrations so it's not the sort of thing that would have me remembering fond mother's days of years gone by.

  4. Somebody sent me a link one day to this and that made me miss my ma more than mother's day or christmas.