Friday, March 20, 2009

Celeb Watching

Had such a fantastic day in London on Monday with my best mate Debs. I had to have a filling re done in the morning, which I wasn’t looking forward to but my dentist is such a gentle soul I had no problems at all.

So off to London Debs and I go, with me trying not to dribble too much and Debs taking the piss out of me and how my mouth goes at funny angles due to the injection I had. First call was Covent Garden for a mooch around the shops and stalls and have lunch. Thank goodness the numbness in my mouth has stopped by then or I might have needed a bib. The weather was gorgeous and the street artists were out in full.

Then we had a hot date with a very good friend of mine who was able to get us in to see the filming of a regular TV show. We were whisked past the waiting queues feeling like celebs ourselves, and taken behind the scenes of lots of studios and then to the Green Room. Here we were settled with refreshments, and spotted a few celebes, one was the gorgeous Myleen Klass and her lovely daughter. Debs then nearly swooned at seeing Enrique Iglesias, who was such a smouldering hunk in the flesh and he sang live with Gabriella Chilem. It was such fun to see behind the scenes and to watch the show being filmed. Thank you M for organising it and looking after us so well x x

Then off we scoot to Soho where a friend of mine was showcasing a comedy sketch he had written at a club there. Im a great fan of Casualty and outside the club we saw ‘Abs’ who used to be in it. Another gorgeous young man. We got in the lift and he joined us. I was very cool and asked which floor, and my mate Debs turned into a right celeb stalker by nearly drooling over him lol. He was very sweet and very nice and it was such a shame I couldn’t fit him into my handbag. The show went really well, and there were a few celebs there too, as well as friends who we caught up with in the bar afterwards.
Number of celebs seen = 11

Nearly fell asleep on the train home, and when I crawled into bed in the early hours of the morning, I certainly had a smile on my face. What a day!

x x x

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  1. That sounds deadly. Was it J Ross's show you were on?