Saturday, March 07, 2009

Reunions/dinners/gatherings in general/help!

Ok who goes to high school reunions and why?? I mean really, If I wanted to have contact with those people I would. Thanks to the internet, you can track down darn near anyone you want to. In Oct. I will be dragged possibly kicking and screaming to my husbands 30 year reunion. I should add I went to the same school and did indeed hang around with some people from his class. Those people most likely won't be there. We cut so much class time to go "play" during school ,why would we go back for this?

Maybe marrying a social butterfly was not a wise choice for anti-social me. No not the serial killer type of anti-social, just the not so fond of people type.Worse part is I know about it enough in advance I am going to whine about it for the next 7 months and get myself all worked up, it won't be as bad as I think, but bad enough.

It does make me wonder, do other people just love these sort of things? They do seem to be tradition, is it for traditions sake, or are there people who look forward every 5 years to these get togethers?

I have a low tolerence for bragging and it seems these things just turn into brag fests. Thank heavens for alcohol, which makes any gathering tolerable!

Tonight I will be dragged to a dinner put on by my husbands work, I am beyond thrilled to go to this thing :o(

Tonight will be the first time I have had to truely do the social thing in about 14 years, so whatever tiny bit of social skills I may have once had are long gone or at least very rusty.

Time to figure out what to wear, appears p.j's are not proper attire, time to drag out my grown up clothes.

Any tips and tricks not to lose my mind tonight and next fall will be greatly appreciated.


  1. I personally wouldn't bother.

    The people I want to be in contact with, I am in contact with. Why go and meet up with the idiots you left behind?

  2. Drink before you go! Seriously it'll take the edge off. I've never been to any of my class reunions. No interest whatsoever. As you said if I wanted to keep in contact I would, right? As for tonight don't drink too much before you go and end up tripping and head-butting someone. Never turns out good.

  3. I've never had an opportunity to go to one. There's the nightmare of the competition with others of how successful you've been but I'd be really curious to see what everyone got up to. I'd probably be fairly at the bottom when it comes to success but that wouldn't bother me too much.

  4. went to one once really did'nt enjoy it some of the question's people asked and the posh voice's that were dropped later in the night . Don't want to go to another.

  5. @tweepl ,If I could ,I would hire a "wife " for my husband to take to his reunion.

    The H.I., As for the dinner, it had an open bar. I believe I drank more than in one sitting than since I was a teenager. Had great prime rib and the people were nice.

    Milan Adenauer , your comment has had me thinking all week,
    "I'd probably be fairly at the bottom when it comes to success but that wouldn't bother me too much."
    In fact it still has me pondering what is success,how is it measured and by who? (possible blog post to follow)

    ails , that is one thing I have low tolerence for, phonies. I just know it will be a bunch of folks(not all) strutting around telling everyone how great they are, they did it in high school and I bet they still haven't outgrown it.