Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twitter TV

Hey guys, it's been a little bit since I've been here but those of you on twitter will have seen me duckin' and divin'. I know I talked before about how celebs are all over twitter now and for whatever reason I wasn't following any...............until now. I came across Puff Daddy, Puffy, P Diddy whatever he calls himself now, which as it turns out is 'I am Diddy'. Ingenious. I am The HI, whatever. Not my point here.
I started following him, more so out of curiosity and you know what he's actually ok. What I like the most is that he created his own online channel called, wait for it.................................P Twitty. That's actually good. The guy's bursting with energy and is actually quite keyed in to the whole social network scene (or his ooddles of people are).
He throws up tweets when he's about to go on live so being the consummate researcher I am, I took a gander. What I was witnessing was himself, Iddy Biddy, telling us how great his brand of vodka is and then started playing the new album of some artist of his. Who cares? What really kept me watching was when tweeters started asking him to dance. Huh? He's usually pretty shy and reserved (eh, not really) but up he got and started shaking his bits. Fuck me, it was a train wreck and you know what they say about that.

I wanted to get in on the act. His dancing actually reminded me of @davidgregory (twitter talk) who's a 6'5 white guy known for dancing to any musical acts when on the Today Show. He now is the White House correspondent. Nuff said.
Anyway I tweeted him. All the tweets were appearing on the screen so I asked if he stole his dance moves from David Gregory form NBC? I thought it was funny and I guess he (or whoever was reading them) did 'cause they Re-tweeted it so everybody could see it. You see sometimes it pays off being a smart arse.
Maybe I should change my name to Duff Paddy. Whatcha think?


  1. Back in the day Puff Daddy was IT. When the MTV awards came to Dublin in 99, and it was the heyday of R&B, Puff Daddy was the biggest VIP among all the VIPs in town, hundreds waited outside the hotel for him.

    Cut forward a few years and he changes his name to a 4 year old word for nipple and it just takes away 90% of his cool. I haven't been able to take him seriously since the name change.

    And as for twitter, I have to say I follow him but I find him a bit boring.

  2. Celebs have gone up in my estimation recently or at least Jane Goldman has x