Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I am sorry for not writing but since I took volantary redundancy I have been getting more and more annoyed.

At the end of feb we were told we had to cut down on staff and as I was last in I felt it was only right that I should be the one to go. However anyone with a bit of a brain could see that the shop could not be run with just three staff , what happens when there are holiday's sickness or even in some cases when children have day's off school.

Now I come to my rant, a couple of weeks ago I heard that they could'nt manage with three people so an add went into fas for a part time worker now as far as i am aware that is illegal but our manager is a young girl who thinks she is above the law . I have never felt so hurt and annoyed so much so that i have written to our head office which anyone who know's me is way out of character .

So now iI have got that off my chest I am listening to the budget and getting more and more depressed . To hell with the economy I am off to Teneriffe for a week to get a tan for my daughter's wedding . Thanks for allowing me to get this off my chest


  1. I think this is outrageous and I am glad you wrote a letter - I hope it will do some good at least to tell the woman that she will have to watch her step

  2. Proper order you should definitely complain. That's ridiculous. Can you get your job back? Would you want it?

  3. What a silly little bitch. You're dead right to complain about her. Go and enjoy the hols. It'll still be depressing when you get back ;-)

  4. i am stunned that they wouldn't contact you first. What a kick in the gut. Enjoy your week of tanning and thinking about your daughters wedding, don't lets those asses ruin your good time.