Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Giving up smoking

Today  at 12 midday April 7th 2009 I have not smoked for 13 hours and too right I am counting.

I have wanted to stop smoking for quite a while but never seemed to find the right time to stop.
I started smoking when I was 11 years old I am now 39- ridiculous.

I have two beautiful children that if i continue to smoke I will not see have there own children that's a fact - its really bloody hard and feels like it is killing me to stop but its not killing me as quickly as continuing does.

My reasons for stopping are a daughter that watched the advert have you all seen it ? that says " I am not worried about bullies , I am not worried about school, I am not worried if my friends like me etc etc but I am worried about mummy dying from smoking" -my daughter looked at me and said Mummy I worry about that too-

I am a bit neurotic at the best of times and since my mum died of cancer I cannot stop thinking about the fact that I might get something and die too, I told this to my Dad who hit the nail on the head and said "you worry yourself sick about things you cannot change but then continue to do something that is killing you and you can change"

I hate myself for the fact that something stinky, stupidly expensive and dangerous has such a hold over me .

No more the fool - I want to see my Grand-kids x


  1. Well our cigarette's have gone up to ten euro a packet . I know I should give up but it is the only thing I do so Im going to find it very hard to give up

  2. 9.30 pm have just had a cigarette and now I feel a total arse damn this addiction

  3. I'd say cut down, or have a go at all the different ways of giving up (patches, chewing gum, Allen Carr, hypntherapy, etc) and if one doesn't work try the next.

  4. I quit when I was 23 for health reasons - suspected stomach ulcer. It is very hard and I only smoke for 7 years. But I did take Zyban and you should talk to your doctor about it - my mother took it and she has been smoking for longer and it worked for her.

  5. There are so many different ways to quit smoking these days, there is no reason to sweat it out cold turkey if you don't have to. Don't beat yourself up over not being able to just stop, it is a long process both physically and mentally. Hooray for you saying the time is now!

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