Monday, April 20, 2009

End of an era

Wednesday my little boy starts full time school, no more the baby much as i may have subconsciously tried to keep him that way children grow up too quickly these days and much as i try to keep them sweet and innocent i know from experience that once they go to school you lose a little bit of them, of course going to school must be done but no more the carefree days of just playing and having fun, from now on it will be what level is he on - is he reading enough is his writing up to a level? has he got enough friends do other people like him?

The little man is terribly excited of course and thinks that he is the big boy by going to proper school and i am doing nothing to discourage this of course, enthusiasm is always to be encouraged.

Me I am sad, no more babies no more dependancy an independent person in the making on the way.
Of course I am looking forward to the free time and to the fact that I can get so much more done in the day.
The house i am hoping will be tidier than it has been in the last almost nine years of small children and i am looking forward to new friends for him happy times in and out of the school.

But i have to be honest I am going to miss my little man he has been very good company.

I also feel terribly guilty about the fact that when my daughter went to school i didnt feel like this, but at the time i guess I had a one year old at home so didn't feel the empty nest feeling quite so much

 I should take pleasure and reassurance  in the fact that she has indeed with the aid of school blossomed into a lovely lovely young lady.

I shall try my very hardest not to cry at all on Wednesday morning but I am not promising anything 


  1. You can always look forward to how cute he will look in his school uniform.

  2. ah you will be a bit sad for the first few day's but that time in the morning will go very fast . Hope he enjoys it

  3. Well did you cry and are you over it now and enjoying freedom

  4. Well I did cry and much as I am loving the freedom I am missing being a Mummy to very small children - but not enough to do it all over again!