Sunday, April 19, 2009

Small pleasure

I've done it so many times over the last ten years or so but I still enjoy it as much as the first time....

..going under the M50 function at Blanchardstown. It's the one where you pass under about 10 bridges/pipes etc. And they're currently adding a few more fly-over things.

I thought to myself yesterday that people on the Navan Road route who come on and off at that function must always miss out on the fun.


  1. How weird I have always enjoyed that part of the motorway too, going under all those pipey bridgey things always impresses me. If I could get out and take pictures I would cause there are some great angles there.

  2. You should bring the camera next time you're a passenger going under and take a few snaps. You'll only have a few seconds to do it though.