Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Do men make passes at girls that wear glasses? I jolly well hope so lol

Ive had glasses for reading and computer for just under two years. Around two months ago I noticed when driving that my long sight vision was slightly blurred. I took myself off to a well known chain of Opticians, the ones that do the offer on two for one, and had an extensive eye test. I remember when you just sat in a chair and had a card over one eye and had to read off the letters/numbers of a card on the facing wall. Its all gadgets and gizmos now.

One of the machines takes a picture of the back of your eye and you can see it on the screen, looked like something out of a medical text book. Eyes all healthy, which is good. However, eyesight not so great. Now have to have glasses for driving and long distance, and another pair for reading and computer work. My original pair of glasses are now too strong for me, as my eyesight has altered.

What was really fun was choosing two new frames. I collected my new glasses on Sunday and have been showing them off. But they dont look like the ones in the picture lol

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  1. Yep men do make passes at glasses wearers, well I for one have no issues with them. Maybe since I have been wearing them most my life!

    On the otherhand Deirdre Barlows glasses never ever turned me on, does not matter that she is not that great looking anyhow and her voice is like a mans, but even if Holly Willougby was wearing them I still would not sleep with her

  2. when you meet someone with glasses you forget they are there after a while

  3. Sahn - lol. I always took you for a bit of Deirdrey Barlow fan. Or Gail Tilsey?

  4. What about Dennis Taylor's upside down glasses? At least that way we have a fighting chance of hitting the spot......if u know what I mean!

  5. Right, I just read that to the missus and got a "what the fuck, huh?"
    I thought this was funny. If I have to explain it, defo not funny. Fuck it, I laughed.

  6. They do, wish I had realized that as a teen could have aved myself a whole lot of headaches from not wearing my glasses, why would I have thought squinting was cuter?