Tuesday, May 12, 2009


After six months of feeling very tired, never ending thirst, weeing lots and change in my eyesight, I was diagnosed yesterday as having Type 2 Diabetes. I knew it was coming so it was quite a relief really. Diabetes runs in my family, my dad was Type 1 and mum Type 2, and my grandmother was a Type 1. Plus with me being overweight, doesn’t help. Good factors are I’m a non smoker and only drink a couple of units of alcohol per week. Doc has told me that I will also need to have medication in time for blood pressure. So I’m booked in to see the Nurse in two weeks, and I’m sure she will give me more details and advice.

Ive been put on the half dose of Metformin as it does have yucky side effects tummy wise, and once I’m used to it to go up to the full dose. I’m fully on board to altering my diet and eating less sugar products and eating more healthily and taking on a bit more exercise. I do like my curves though so dont want to loose them all. Although even when I was in my 20’s and a size 12 I was still curvy. It will do me good to loose a bit of weight and tone up a bit. Plus good excuse to buy new sexy undies and clothes.

I’m now meant to make sure I eat three healthy meals a day, at regular intervals. This I will find a problem as im always rushing around. Ive had a good search online and have found a good Diabetic website with info and also a forum, so can get some advice and support there too.
So in time you might be seeing a bit less of me lol. However, I don’t tend to be a skinny minny, that’s just not me.

Will keep you posted.

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  1. Good luck with it. It'll be an ordeal getting used to it i'm sure. I'm a big sugar addict and eat tons of crap sugar foods, its all or nothing for me when it comes to sugar, equivalent of 30 bars of chocolate a day wouldn't be a big deal. I probably am going in the wrong direction but I don't have those symptoms yet. That said my teeth are falling apart by the day.

  2. Hey Good luck with that. All of my mothers side, bar my mum, have it. There must be so much information and misinformation on the web. I'm afraid of developing this too at some stage. Please keep us posted about your trials and experiences with this - I'm praying you'll get it under control and offset the side-effects as much as possible