Thursday, May 14, 2009

Walking sticks

Have just got back from four days away, I went to my mother in laws who three weeks ago had a knee replacement operation. 

I went up to Newcastle with the idea of looking after her for a few days in order to help her out with the house as she wasn't getting around that well ..... allegedly

What I actually found when i got there was a very determined seventy seven year old who in a matter of days had gone from walking with a Zimmer frame to walking with two sticks to actually not needing anything to walk  around the house with, she is doing amazingly well and i am incredibly envious of her fighting spirit, that even though she is still in pain refused to sit there and instead decided she was going to get better come what may.

The Geordie's are indeed made of tough  stuff and on more than one occasion it bought it home to me what a wuss i can be.

As it was i had a lovely few days of quiet, calm, chatting, eating and sleeping and in fact i think the break helped me possibly more than it did her.

Everything I did for her was received with gratitude and charm, she was a pleasure to be around and i am indeed lucky to have her in my life.


  1. I wish I had that resolve/energy if I get to that age.

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