Monday, May 18, 2009

The do's and dont's of wedding photography

There are no do's

but one big


Well my little baby sister got married and what a great day was had by everyone. I was asked to bring my camera to take some pictures since they were not getting a professional wedding photographer, so I took it upon myself to act as the professional, now dont get me wrong my sister wanted simple shots from me but I saw this as a challenge.

I have heard if you can take photos at a wedding you can take photos anywhere, I now understand why. It is a relentless day, all rush rush rush, making sure you get that shot of Aunt Maud and 5th cousin twice removed Paddy. You have 150 photos that you must take according to all the research I had done, and then the rest are bonus photos. You should have an assistant with you if possible to relieve some of the pressure, and have a damn good lens on the front of your camera. Make sure you have a mega amount of memory cards, spare batteries for camera and flash gun. Bring a laptop so you can start the backing up of all those images as soon as you can. Get violent if needs be with the point and shooters etc etc.

How on earth could I enjoy the day with all that shit going on in my head!!!

Well after the first photo was taken and I looked at it and saw how well it looked, my mind was put at ease, it was then that I remembered, I have been taking pictures for many years and this was just another day at the end of the day. So what an experience for me, and 2700 images later I now have to go through them and decide which to bin, which to be honest is going to be hard but has to be done.

Would I do a wedding again, not sure, it really is hard work, but if I did 2 or 3 a year it would pay for that nice lens I did manage to get a loan off!

Congrats again to my little Sis and her hubby!


  1. Glad to hear it went well. I'm doing one... in May '10. Though may actually venture into it before then...

  2. Fair play Shan. A new career if the other goes belly up, and there'll always be weddings.

    By the way, did I miss the big DONT somewhere?