Monday, May 25, 2009

it has to go!

the excess weight I have on me I mean! :)

Re-joined weight watchers last week. I have to shift the 2stone that is lurking around me, I can't get clothes to fit and feeling very sad about going shopping. It's so demoralising going into a shop buying clothes these days. The sizing varies sooooo much it's crazy - bought a top size 14 and a waistcoat size 20 in the same H&M store....tell me the logic!

I did WW a number of years ago and lost 2 stone so have done it and know it works. Why did I put it back on? Well I lost it didn't I, sure doesn't it go for ever then!!! Yeah right! Also was working in a sports job and thought sure I'm exercising the weight off....yeah right again.

So need some moral support in my quest, will keep you posted of the highs and hopefully very few lows of my quest.


  1. Go for it, you fat cow.

  2. i know exactly what u mean i looked at pics at daughters wedding and i nearly died so i must lose weight .
    is'nt it amazing that a rotten comment from above is anonymous

  3. Best of luck... at least there's good weather for walking!

  4. God and this is why on many occasions I have contemplated stopping all anonymous comments on this blog all because of stupid Cunts like above.

    If you have nothing of interest to stay why dont you just fuck off and say nothing at all mr/miss/mrs anonymous you gobshite!

    In relation to the post itself you sure that weight issue aint more muscle related?