Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Book Club June 09

This is how it will work. Below I will list all the books that people have tweeted to me as an option, I will then ask people, and it can be random to choose a book and then direct message me with the choice. If a choice is picked by more than one person then that is the book we shall go for. If none of the books are chosen outright I shall randomly choose two books off the list and then tweet somebody with the titles and ask them if they would choose for us - this person is likely to be not a person in the book club.

The book club is totally for fun you can choose to read that month's book or you can choose to skip any month or never read one of our choices again, you can also take more than a month to read the choice if you wish.

We shall be tweeting online on the last day of the month about your thoughts on the book just read and then towards that date I shall once again ask for choices for next month and so on .
So here goes the book choices for the month of June are

Safe area Gorazde - Joe Sacco ( Graphic novel )

Happy ever after - Patricia Scanlan

Random Magic -Sasha Soren

A  Spot of Bother - Mark Haddon

This is all - Aiden Chambers 

The God of small things - Andrati Ray

How to talk to a widdower - Jonathan Tropper

The big over easy - Jaspe Fforde 

You will need to tweet me with your choice as soon as possible @Anjeebaby

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