Tuesday, May 26, 2009

to have and to hold

Well it came and now it's gone.
what a day , started off very relaxed, hairdressers make up artist all going according to plan. She was so laid back the whole time until she actually left the house and got into the car . The nerves suddenly kicked in god love her she was shaking at the church door and then she got to the alter and tom and the looked of love that passed between the two of them she stopped shaking and smiled . It was lovely to see two people so happy ceremony went well I actually walked in high heels .
Speech's went really well food was fab, then the fun began they had organised game's in the anti room like hungry hippo's , operation , buckeroo , etc bowl's of sweets everyone had a great time. Was exhausted after all the dancing lost my voice with talking too much .
We stayed for a long weekend and had a great time with kate's new family , will end now and look forward to seeing the new mrs Ryan soon.

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