Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is a game I would like to play with Perez Hilton's head and my cane. I would love just 5 minutes to whack, whack, whack,whack!

How can someone think they can run around taking pride in insulting others and not think they have a can of whoop ass coming their way? Are you really as ignorant as you act? Did you really think someone wasn't going to punch your lights out someday? Why oh why couldn't they have started with your mouth??? Do you really believe yourself to be an innocent bystander who don't deserve it?

And why in the world did he have to bring him being gay into anything? He is gay. So what? He didn't get his arse whooped because he is gay. He got it whooped because he has a big fat obnoxious insulting mouth. Is he seeking sympathy from the gay community because he can't get it anywhere else? Will they sympathize with him? Can anyone sympathize with him?

I know I can't. He admits to using hurtful words against the other person. Pfft, what else is new? When is he not trying to hurt someone feelings. He of all people has the nerve to call someone else belligerent. Dude! Look in the mirror. What goes around comes around. Your just came back around to smack you in the face....


  1. He proved what a knob end he is again when Michael Jackson died. Its a shame because when he started blogging and stuff he was funny but now fame has gone to his head and turned him into a tosser!

    BTW great first post and welcome

  2. Yea he's annoying and counter productive. His abuse even made the beauty queen who was anti-gay marriage look humble in comparison to him. There's nothing worse than pretend victims oppressing everyone else.