Monday, December 21, 2009

A Sanitised Manson

I’m a Marilyn Manson fan. However I accept that he’s not to everyone's taste. Which I think is pretty big of me. Marilyn gets blamed for everything, from nuts going trigger happy in a school to well name your poison basically.

But often as I listen to his music or more importantly watch his videos, I often think “just what would a commercial, soulless, watered down, poppy version of Mr Manson be like?”

Well the other day I came across the answer to that question. I saw my first Lady GaGa video (yeah I know I’m late to the party on this one), and thought that I was watching a cleaned up, sanitised Marilyn Manson.

There was such a close symmetry between the visual styles  of their respective videos, I was shocked. Lady GaGa ok has a penchant for wearing fetish clothing in her act. Which I have no problem with at all, I respect it. Manson also has his own distinct dress code as well, more gothic influenced I think.

But take their fashion sense out of the equation, and a Lady GaGa video is exactly how I would imagine a sucrine, Simon Cowell produced version of a Marilyn Manson video would be done.

Now I have answered that question onto the next biggie for me “does your arse look big in that?”

PS. I could claim that Marilyn got his “distinct” style from Trent Reznor (in fact I believe Marilyn was in one of Trents videos).

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  1. I quite like Lady G; funny and mad as a bag of frogs. And the music is better than any of that xfactor crap.