Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why Does Gordon Brown Hate Me?

As far as I know I’ve never met the man, never spoke to him, never had a virtual exchange with him on the interweb.

And yet it seems he has spent all his time in Government first as Chancellor of the Exchequer and now Prime Minister spearheading a hate campaign against me.

Each year after he got in to power he’s had it in for me. Every budget he did while in Number 11 I‘m sure the driving force for his decisions was “how can I screw Darren?”

Council Tax would go up by 10%. Utility bills would go up by 20%. Train Fares would go up by 7%. Petrol would go up and down more than a whores draws. But always creeping upwards. So Brown cooks up a formula that ignores all that so that he can declare inflation at less than 3%. Which would mean with a bit of luck my employer might give me an inflationary payrise or just under.

Add in all the stealth taxes that Brown was (and probably still is) a big fan of, and each month I would have less and less money.

How far would Brown go with his vendetta against me? Well you have seen the economic disaster that has hit the UK the last couple of years. Yep that is how far he has been prepared to go.

It’s no coincidence that the UK is the only Western country not to get out of the recession. It’s all part of Brown’s game plan to feck me over good.

I have to give him credit Brown would make a mean chess player. I’d say Bond villain but I think Brown is allergic to cat hair.

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  1. I feel your pain. no pay raise for 2 years and then a 15% pay cut but the bills still go up and no cuts in them.

    Only trouble is the 'other' lot won't be any better and they'll blame Brown anyways