Saturday, February 06, 2010

Raymond Blanc Is A C**t Too

Raymond Blanc is a right c**t. No the French chef really is. I've just seen the BBC pimping out his new tv series Raymond Blanc's Kitchen Secrets starting on the 15th February.
What the feckin use is that? Valentines Day is the day before. The men in the UK need the knowledge now so on the big day we can impress that special person with our cullinery skills in the kitchen.
But noooo Raymond is being c**tish by keeping the knowledge we need to himself until after we need it.
I know what he is upto. Oh yes I know what his oh so not so cunning plan is.
It's a cunning French plot to spoil the British males chances of getting some Valentine Day action.
He's hoping that by making us flops in the kitchen that we will be flops in the bedroom. Well I have news for Mr Blanc I don't need his help to make me look a flop in the bedroom. I can do a pretty good job of that all by myself thank you very much.
Do we really want tossers like Jamie Oliver being the only ones getting some action on the 14th, because the know the secret of keeping their souffles up?

You can probably tell this post is the follow up to the ever popular blog post I wrote about Santa at Christmas.

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