Friday, February 12, 2010

You Know Who Else I Hate? Ashley Cole

yep the post title says it all really. Here is a man married to a very attractive woman. Yet somehow the twat feels a need to cheat on her with other women.
It wasn't bad enough that he did it once and got caught. But it now appears he has been caught again playing away!
What's up with the guy? He had one mission in life once he married Cheryl Cole. To keep her mouth full anyway he could so that she no longer recorded another piece of crap music again. Instead he decided that this mission, one that many red blooded men would of died for, was not good enough for him. He really is a selfish cnut.
But maybe Cheryl Cole is having the last laugh on Ashley Cole in the Elvive advert on tv when she says "Weak, limp,lifeless..." is she talking shampoo or telling us what Ashley is really like between the covers?

I do see a trend with the Chelsea squad. Ashley Cole cheats on wife, Frank Lampard cheats on wife, John Terry cheats on wife. Something in the Chelsea shower water I assume.
To complete the picture I am painting I do hear that Drogba is very popular with the young ladies right up to the point that they realise that he does not go down off the pitch anywhere as close to as much as he does on the pitch or as easily.

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  1. Ashley is dispicable, what a cocky arse fecker if he thinks he can play round on his missus when she's so much higher up the scale than the scum he is. But i'm loving this new age of infidelity being taken seriously with Terry and Tiger's career going down the tubes because of their egos. About time I say.