Friday, March 05, 2010


so.. i thought id do a blog on geocaching. for those of you that might follow me on twitter you may have read me going on about it,for those of you who dont here we go lol.
so what is it, well its basically a high tec tresure hunt using handheld GPS, IPHONE, BLACKBERRY,
to find hidden boxes (caches) around the world. caches can be any size from as small as the height of a penny to as large as you can hide. they are hidden by other cachers mostly in places of interest or places where they will be hard to find without getting rumbled by passers by, inside the cache there will be a log book to sign and date when you where there along with some little trinket items or swaps as they are called,the idea is if you remove a swap u replace it with one of your own. on top of this there maybe items called travel bugs or geocoins inside these items have a little dog tag attached which has a number onit from this you go to the website which will give you the info you need telling you what its mission is.
once youve dont all this found your cache etc you log your find on the web its free to join and great fun for all the family. and i bet theres ones near you you prob walk by them everyday and dont even know it.

good luck


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