Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Short Pieces

Wow it's been a little while since I posted on here. Seems I'm the only one these days. Hopefully the other contributors will post something soon to save you from my mad ramblings.
I mean you know who I hate and why. You know that Gordon Brown is out to get me and that he has been prepared to sacrifice the Western economy to do that. But you probably need a break from me. Or at least some one to post between my delusional rants.

I mean do you really want me to write about how I was disgusted with Gordon Brown's latest "please vote for me" campaign. I mean come on he comes across as one of those drunk wife beaters that having beaten the shit out of the spouse in a drunken rage, begs for forgiveness the next morning promising never to do it again, with his "take another look at Labour". I just hope that the British electorate is not as stupid as those abused spouses who take back that wife beater, believing those lies.
I mean on the Labour website they have a campaign going at the moment where they want people to submit photos showing how Labour have changed the country. I'd love folks to post pictures of all the closed factories and businesses because Brown fecked us over. He thought it was a good idea to save the jobs and necks of his pals in the City, yet let's the common man get made redundant left right and centre (heck he is letting the North East potentially go into economic meltdown), and does nothing about it. But then again it's his City pals that will give him that cushy position on the board once the cnut gets kicked out of power. So what do we expect from the corrupt?

Or would you prefer I write about now that Cheryl Cole has dumped cheating scumbag Ashley Cole that she should come visit me. Oh don't get me wrong I'd jump her bones if given the chance. But that wouldn't be the reason why. I'd like to let her get her life in perspective and see the shit hole of a mess that my life is. Which there are also a lot of people in a similar situation. I think once she is shown things in context that her situation although emotional painful is not that big a deal in the scale of things. And if she wants to receive or give a sympathy knee trembler afterwards then I'm up for it.

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