Sunday, September 09, 2007

The poverty of philosophy

Alright then, I'm a hypocrite (what's new says you?) but fittingly, I have been suitably punished. Following on from my rant about our exchange of labour for consumer goods the other day I ended up in the new Urban Outfitters shop in Dundrum the other night.

Not usually the sort of place I end up in (waaaaaaay too trendy and expensive and most of their clothes won't fit me) but their "other" department is a wonderland of fascinating stuff. Head downstairs and wander and you never know what you're going to come across. The emphasis is on design, which I have a secret fetish for, so everything looks great and has a heavy emphasis on the kitsch and the unusual.

Have a look.

These? Look like cigarette packets, contain books. Books smokers might like. Conrad, Kafka, Hemingway. Note the kinky sixties ashtrays in the background.

Here? Matching boys and girls snakeskin hip flasks.

Record frames just the right size for vinyl albums.

Holders for your tea towels in the kitchen where you put the towels up a cat's arse. Genius.

This on top of the coolest collection of t-shirts I've ever seen (a bit pricey at €44 each alright) featuring the Japanese Star Wars poster, cool old logos for Sun-kist, 7-up, Pepsi in Japanese, Fraggle Rock(!!! Chieftain are you listening! Actually are you still alive?), and dozens more.

My punishment? I'm extremely strapped for cash at the moment so could I afford anything? Nah. Not a one. All I could do was, like Charlie Bucket before her finds the dollar in the gutter for the fateful Wonka bar, stare at the wonderment of goods and then head home to my cabbage soup. Well, a pizza. You get the idea.



  1. Must agree with you about the t-shirts, they're amazing but also amazingly overpriced.

    You've to wait until they lash them to about 12 euro and then pounce

  2. Ok, you've got to think on it differently. Start writing down a list of all the sums of things you want to buy, wait a month, look at your virtual spending, then ask yourself how much you really want or need a cat's arse tea towel holder.

    Nobody really needs one of those - children are starving in Africa for less, for fuck's sake, what are you thinking?

    Not that I don't knw wher you're coming from, don't get me wrong, it's just one man's cat's arse t-towel holder is another woman's flower pattern muffin cups (though in my defence, they were only �1.90 and I resisted the tea strainer with the little teapot attached... (Avoca makes my blood boil with consumerist lusting).

  3. Ok Jo, calm down love....It's ok to want to buy a cats arse tea towel holder, as you said everyone is different in what they desire to purchase, with me it's clasps for bracelets, I've seen some lovley ones, but like SL I hold back! yes kids are starving in africa and that's what the 20 euro a month from our bank account goes, when we are wealthier it'll be more!

  4. It's not so much the principle I was objecting to, just the cat's arse... and none of it with any degree of seriousness, I hasten to add. I'm not saying it's not funny.

    Though I am very familiar with the phenomenon of thinking I MUST have something and then later realising it really didn't enhance my life at all. I feel you'd suddenly finding yourself agreeing while pushing a tea towel into its bum for the tenth time one day... but who knows, maybe it would be the one thing that made this life worth living instead :)

  5. Depends on how much you like cat arses...