Saturday, September 08, 2007

Why marketing people are going to hell


It's just wrong!


It's the beginning of September!


  1. I used to wprk a department store in town. The new trick now is to put the Xmas stuff up, cover it with the Halloween stuff and then wham, bam, thank you Eddie Hobbs, you're ready to go on November 1st for a 7 week run in to the big day.

  2. Y'know Tib I've even gotten to accept that but this was M&S. On Thursday! For feck sake.

  3. Not only do we no longer have seasons, but it's Christmas all year round...

  4. Have to agree with Jo, you should have seen the crowd in the Xmas shop in Disneyland Hong Kong on a baking hot day back in June.

  5. I love Christmas too, with Childish delight. But I'd like it to start in - hm, when. Late November? December? I hate the stuff being up so early.

    In England a couple years ago people protested against prices by refusing to buy til late, and the sales had to start before Chrsitmas, or so I heard. I couldn't live like that, I'd feel too nervous, but things are a bit skewed at the moment.

    You know what I miss? Switzers'Christmas window. BT makes a mockery of it, really. We used to go in just to see that, I can remember so clearly standing on the rainy pavement, with all hte decorations up, looking at Santa and bears and elves and stuff moving and lit with fairly lights. So nice.

  6. I'm not sure if I'm the only one having the Groundhog Day Christmas experience every year. I think "God, it's almost Christmas again" and realise it feels like 2 weeks since I thought that the last time. And the last time, and the last time, and the last time.