Friday, February 15, 2008

I bake therefore I am!

So I have been feeling a bit down. And a funny side effect of me feeling down is me baking.....baking and giving it away! There has been baked cheesecake and raspberry and blueberry drizzle cake, chocolate souffle and today lemon slices and cheesecake chocolate brownies! The brownies and lemon bars are for Jo the mamas get together tomorow night! I don't know what it is about the baking thing when I'm feeling a bit low, maybe it's the fact that I am being creative and actully creating something useful! The problem is I have to give the stuff away cos I am watching what I eat!

But tonight, tonight I was bad! Really indulged in comfort food! My ex partner is at a social event tonight, it's an event we have gone to for years, together, last year I was seven months (or eight months) pregnant, we had to leave early as I was so tired, standing in high heels, swollen ankles the whole deal! So tonight I was prepared, after doing the bedtime routine and ironing, I had two coors lights beers, then I had my sandwich.....really good superquinn bread, coleslaw, turkey breast, salad, beetrootand salad yummy then I had one of my lemon bars, so good! I actually feel a bit ill I've eaten sooo much! And I know it's bad but it does help, the lovely food helped me to live more in the moment, I feel satisfied right now, content.

So I was wondering what other peoples comfort food is, pizza (golden beers?) Chocolate (milan) or kit kat desserts (ash)! And why does it work so bloody well! Btw the lemon bars are zingy! Just like I like them!


  1. Ah god. I don't care, I eat it all. If I had to choose - chocolate chip cookies, I suppose.

  2. It all sounds great apart from the part that I'm off them for Lent, but after 12 tom night I might succumb.

    I got a special treat for myself tonight - wenseledale cheese with cranberry bits in it, secretly pleasurable.

  3. Love having a mug of tea and a big packet of crisps, cheers me up no end!

  4. Stop, stop, stop, please.

    I need cake.