Friday, February 15, 2008

Meet the GOD Warrior

This is the GOD Warrior. Stand by for every stereotype about US hillbillies to be reaffirmed. Thanks to whoever it was from for scoping this out btw

(clip is from one of those US Wife Swap type shows - this is her glorious return from the darkside).


  1. I am so annoyed that my computer has no sound!!

  2. I'm afraid of that woman. I agree with whatever she says.

  3. This is almost enough to make me want to start watching tv again.

  4. This woman lost her oldest daughter in a car crash in October of last year. There is some irony in the fact that this occurred in October and the fact that her daughter was the only one involved in the accident and there is no explanation for the crash. She is probably blaming it on the witch that hypnotized her daughter while she was on the TV show.

    I would like to add that I am a hillbilly born and raised on the Ozark mountains and I am also a Witch.

    You can watch the entire episode on you tube in 10 sections and when you do so you realize that the reason this woman is so upset is not because she is afraid of the so called dark side its because she has been thrust into a situation that she can't control. When you watch her in her home she bullies everyone in her home including her husband and they all just take it. its really sad. In the Wiccan home she has no control. This becomes apparent when the kids tell her there really is nothing wrong with the dryer and she should go ahead and use it even though its making a loud noise. She insists that something smells awful and walks dramatically out into the yard and starts puking. The oldest daughter walks into the house and shakes her head "Nothing stinks in here." she said and walks back outside. The vomiting is clearly a dramatic effort to get the kids to feel sorry for her and make them do what she wants them too. Its really pathetic.