Friday, June 27, 2008

Shawn Corey Carter

Last night brought me to the Jay Z concert. Well, more specifically, it brought me to the Horse Show Bar (if I remember correctly) in Ballsbridge, to meet a bunch of people who I have never met before (with one exception).

As some of you may know, I (along with the mysterious Someone Living) was plucked from a hat by the legendary 2FM DJ, Rick O'Shea, to go to the Jay Z concert in the RDS. Unfortunately, SL didn't show, but I did get to meet some other brilliant people - the adorable Annie, the oddly hilarious Pedro, the wonderful Raptureponies and the guy-I-already-see-far-too-much-of Andy. It was also an absolute pleasure to meet Mr Rick and his friend B, who I had some great chats with as the night unfolded.

It was unfortunate that SL couldn't make it and at one stage, as Shan will attest to, I was getting quite worried and sent search-party text messages, but I was assured he was fine. I look forward to meeting him next Friday (if he shows).

The concert itself was a big surprise for me - I loved it. Jay Z puts on an incredible show and I was well impressed. We danced the night away (and Pedro seemed to know most of the words, which was weird). Rick talks about some of the highlights here and Andy has his round up over on ChancingMyArm (his recollection of the night differs slightly from mine).

Sadly, my camera's battery died a death and the only photo I could salvage was or RP's feet...but what nice feet they are.


  1. Good lord. Blue tights and Hello Kitty ankle socks. That brings me back. Truly, the eighties are upon us again! The nostalgia!

    How strange of SL not to show. Did you check to see if anyone else was wearing an extra large turban, in case he was inhabiting the back of their head, Voldemort style?

  2. That's it, SL is Voldemort, I'm sure there's some anagram for 'I am Lord Something Living'.

    Sounds like a good time Daz.

  3. @Jo We searched and searched and searched, but could not find him. We saw a woman who looked suspiciously like a hooker and thought, for a while, that might be SL, but was just a hooker.

    @Milan Indeed it was Milan, indeed it was. Although, despite many promises, no one ran their hands through my hair!!

  4. Darren, I know you were away at a part byt might I have spotted you in Tesco in Greystones last Saturday night, around 9 pm? Talking to some ladies?

    I wasn't sure, and it wasn't the right time to stop, or I would have.

  5. I wasn't really prepared for that photo!

  6. *ahem*

    Orpees, very nice socks. I also like the red sneakers.

    Milan, continue down that road and you'll just be a group of Overwhelmed Losers Outlining and that will get you nowhere.

    Darren, aren't you getting worried about Jo's stalking? It's only going to get worse after Friday you know :)

    To you all, I wasn't that hooker, of course. But she was wearing very outrageous poledancer shoes, wasn't she?


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