Friday, June 27, 2008

Speaking of parents.....

So while posting on my own blog and putting up a you tube video of Dean Friedman I was reminded of something else from my childhood. In 1976 I was three and the English Eurovision entry (I think it won) was The Brotherhood of Man singing Save all your kisses for me! One of my earliest memories is off my dad heading off out to work on a Saturday, (my dad worked Saturdays, week days and evenings, things were tough and nixers were the only way to make ends meet) so dad is heading off, I am lying on my tummy on the ground colouring and watching Saturday kids noise, I mean TV. So my dad comes into the room and starts singing to me, "Save all your kisses for me.....etc" I remember feeling like the specialist little girl in the whole world, I thought my dad had made this song up just for me! Over the years he still sang it, even though I wasn't three anymore!(The whole song is about a guy saying goodbye to a girl, but at the end he lets us know she's only three, my dad must have loved that, I was his first born, little girl and I was three too) Love, that's love!

He loved me so much he made a twat out of himself to make me happy and I loved him so much cos he was my dad, the only man in my life!

When I feel insecure or a bit worthless I need to remind myself that my dad used to sing to me (and dance) like I do with my kids! He adored me, even now he adores me, I am so lucky, He isn't perfect by any means but he loves me and he's my perfect dad!


  1. Oh God, Someone asked Ray D'arcy to play Luther Vandross' 'Dance with My Father Again' - I won't post it, its too sad - total choking weep fest!

  2. I still miss my dad and he died in 1989, he was funny, loving,and cared for all of us . I never thought I would get over it but as they say life goes on . Appreciate while you still have him.

  3. I know what you mean here, I love my dad too. He's not everyone's cup of tea but he's mostly great. Way back in early 80s he worked for Jacobs and brought home bickies on a Thursday, it made our week. Every so often we'd get a big cardboard box of the chocolate bickies with the jelly star on top. Whenever I hear 'The Town I Love So Well' it reminds me of the joy from back then.

  4. It's easy to forget all the nice bits sometimes, but as Ails said one day they aren't around and then you forget the things that drove you up the wall (dad constantly tells me to cut the grass, or to wash the windows.....I could go on) but it's the nice moments you remember when they are gone, the love.