Monday, August 11, 2008

My mother...

Was going to post about shagging but then I remembered a phone call with mother this morning and shagging sort of slipped down a notch on the list of things to ponder.

She sure seems to get her share of bad luck this year. Not long ago she had kidney stones and today she tells me she first got Borrelia from one of them awful ticks we have too many of here. But that's not all. She had a bonus this time... blood poisoning.

She's fine. Eating a bunch of pills and seem cool about it. She proudly announced that she's told the hospital staff she did NOT call her daughter, but went to see them directly. Which we laughed about over the phone, but sort of lingered in the back of my head the rest of the day. I'm not the greatest of daughters. Then again she's not the greatest of Mums. We're Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional, just fine.


  1. Dolly, surely all mother and daughter relationships are different and you and your mum should embrace yours? If you both love each other, even in a quiet unspoken terribly independant way sure thats what matters!

  2. I think it'll be some time before I can put together a full post on me and my mother, but truthfully, if I never saw her again, it would make me a very happy man.

    It's two months since we last spoke. Last year I nearly made six months. Fingers crossed I can break my record.

  3. Someone other than MW was going to write a post about shagging? ;)

  4. Dolly I had a weird relationship with my mother I can,t ever remember her saying she loved me . however in recent year's we get on much better I ring her every second day , a few year's ago I had to prepare myself for a weekly phonecall. thank god i can tell all my kid's i love them dearly