Sunday, July 20, 2008

My mother

My mom called me 11 this morning and asked "What are you doing?" so I said I was watching my daughter Isa having her breakfast and Mom goes "Oh...". Then she says she's in a lot of pain. Her back is hurting on the right side just above her waist and that she breaks out in cold sweat and vomits but water only. I say it could be her kidney so she should go see a doctor but she doubts the kidney is on the right side and after I inform her she has two kidneys, she says she's at work and have only finished doing half of all the salaries she has to do...

I ask her why she is calling me. "Seriously, what do you expect me to do for you? I'd call a doctor if I was you. Here's the number." I ask her to let me know what they say and how things are going but nothing. Tried calling her at work where she didn't answer - Good! Called her mobile and she rejected my call so I figured she was in the hospital - good. Then a text came back saying "Waiting for second doctor. Have peed out one stone."

And now she calls me. From the office. Retelling the story of this morning where she now informs me that she suspected it being her kidneys all along. Ah well. Happy she's alright again.


  1. LMAO you gotta love mothers they are always right, no arguments!