Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Apparently, I'm German

For reasons that are beyond me - Google / Blogger has decided that I'm German...

When I view the For Nine Pounds Blog - or, when I go to post, all of the labels are in German.

Now, to call my German rusty, is to do a disservice to the good folks at Iron Oxide dot com (really, it is a website

It's fascinating...

Anyway, yes, German... how do I fix it? Does anyone know?

I should probably have just called the Secret Overlord of the Blog. I'm sure he knows... but he's kinda scary...


  1. I'm not a Secret Overlord - I'm a perfectly open one. Anyway, we're a commune here and not some form of benevolent dictatorship. Now back to work writing slave!

  2. Conformist,
    I've seen you dressed as Herr Stuck (was that his name from "Allo Allo"?) Secretly you love the german thing!
    My german (studied to leaving cet,) stretches to "Ein Stucke Schwarwtwalder Gateaux mit sahne bitte", So I'd be ok if i ever wound up in Stuttgart though my cholesterol levels will be through the roof! (I can also ask directions to the town hall and discuss the fall of the Berlin wall...Oh and order a Bratwusrt with mustard!)

  3. I think it has to do with preferences for google, I did say I think.

    Go to and around the serach bar is a preferences button give that a go second link to the right of the search box.

  4. No more speaking!!!! Back to the post writing inferior people! Humph.