Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Beware the fury of an angry parent

The road I live on leads to a cul-de-sac, so we don't get much through-traffic. However, enough homes are on the road that strangers who don't live here often visit those who do. No problem. We have family and friends do just that. But there's a behavior problem involved.

The "Children Playing" sign at the entry to the road needs to be twice its current size, and have lasers attached which will blow out the tires of the fuckers who go tearing up and down the road so maybe their car would flip and crush their useless skulls in a mesh of metal and glass.


There are more than six children on the road under the age of 10. They love to play together, and go running up and down the sidewalks or ride on their scooters or even their bikes. All of the parents are trying to get them into the habit of looking before the go running into the road, but reality being as it is, sometimes they don't follow our instructions.

A couple of days ago a lady was coming down the road from the cul-de-sac at an incredible speed. I'd just walked my son down to play with his friends, and wasn't in a glowing mood, so I stood in the middle of the road waving my arms. When they slowed down, I saw a woman with at least four children (not a seatbelt fastened around one of them) looking at me curious as to why I'd signaled her. I yelled (I won't be silly and try to suggest I was speaking calmly), "SLOW DOWN, there are CHILDREN on this road!" I was looking at her own kids more than her while I said it. She looked sheepish and drove away...a little more slowly.

Just now, I was walking home with my son's broken scooter as he went running with his friends up the sidewalk in some game I wasn't privy to. Down comes a red Volkswagen burning enough fuel to reach its 0-60mph rating pretty quickly. I repeated my Hit me, you fucker pose, and when he slowed to pass me I saw the 20 year-old (at best) looking at me like I was nuts when I yelled basically the same sentence again, word-for-word. To help him deal with the repercussions of his actions, he went tearing out around the corner---again, not losing control of his car, much to my dismay.

I don't want speed bumps on our road, but at the same time I want something better than the sign no one looks at. I know kids are going to come running out from behind parked cars, and I've yet to see more than a few people honor the 10mph rule for this sort of road.

Given that, I also don't want some useless sack of shit given the power to take away my son's life.

Jesus, time for some wine.


  1. Hmmm Atreus..

    I dont have kids but I can understand your anger in this. There are way too many gobshites on the road these days. I have posted stuff on driving before and I believe the country would be best served with retesting everyone with a full license.. I live on a similar street and see the same thing happening. Going forward I will make more of an effort to get these tossers to stop being tossers.

  2. Already way ahead of you on the wine thing At. I've taken to yelling random obscenities at people speeding up our closest main road. We're only one step away from throwing cats at them.

  3. You need those tyre shredding things the Gardai have to stop joyriders, throw them out in front of the cars, wham bam no tyres left mam!