Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The TV Now Inanity Awards

A small rant. I'm going to try and avoid these if I can as anger gives you cancer apparently.

I'd given up on TV a while back before the likes of Dr Who, Ugly Betty and Heroes had restored my faith slightly. The one I really engaged with (in the first few weeks anyway) was the now consigned to history Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. Smart, sharp, deliciously well played and created by Aaron Sorkin of The West Wing, it started restoring my faith in TV.

TV3 originally ran it on Thursdays and then, for some unfathomable reason, swapped to Mondays.

Small grrr.

It was postponed a few weeks ago for the TV Now Inanity Awards or whatever.

Slightly larger grrr.

Then, this Monday just gone, it disappeared again. Why? For the first episode of the new Simon Cowell "let's throw the poor disillusioned feckers who think they have variety show talent to the lions"-fest Britain's Got Talent.


Lads for the love of all that's holy stop fecking this poor series around! It's already been cancelled by the network in the U.S. after just one series so let's give it a bit of respect on the way to the crematorium of lost gems. Please.


  1. Someone,
    I love that show, never fancied Matthew Perry in Friends, but now? Yummy! It's lost the plot a bit recently, the first three episodes were excellent but since then it's kinda drifted!

  2. YUMMY IS NOT THE WORD. Erm...yes, he seems to be a fine actor, excellent job, but he DOESN'T SEEM TO GET HIS SHIRT OFF NEARLY ENOUGH. Um...

    Bradley Whitford and he have a nice chemistry as well, and I'd like to point out that BRADLEY WHITFORD NEEDS TO TAKE HIS SHIRT OFF MORE OFTEN. Sorry there, guess the wine took over there for a mo.

    HOW ABOUT A THREESOME THERE BOYS?! Oh, for feck's sake.....

  3. I love this programme too but could never keep track of when it was on. Also used to drive me nuts when West Wing was shown at all hours of the night. WTF! Anyone with a job is in bed before 10 and they used to show it at about 11 or some ungodly hour (see how old I am thinking 11 is late...) Wow look at the to get my cocoa and slippers.

  4. Someone,

    There are links to the first 4 episodes on Never got to watch it myself.

    I find that telly stations mess round with the programmes I watch all the time; so much so that I emailed the BBC last week and pretended to be a British citizen to complain about the random airing of Balderdash & Piffle (etymology programme). Still missed 2 episodes and only 1 episode is posted online.


  5. NASA TV is your only man, also soupy norman on rte 2 after sopranos on thursdays should also help restore faith.

  6. MA I am feeling your pain. If it weren't for my Sky+ I'd miss almost all of everything (not that that's not a bad thing when it comes to modern tv).

    Aqua I'm finding myself pushing bedtime later and later even though the baby means sleep is fractured at the best of times. I could , in theory, be asleep right now but am I?

  7. I have to say I'm glad that there are people out there that appreciated Studio 60 as much as me. I don't really bother watching TV much because any series I get into I always end up missing episodes, but this series really grabbed me. Managed to keep track of when it was on, and have seen entire series so far. Just love it, such a pity it's been cancelled. It really shows you that Americans have bad taste. I even signed a petition online to try to save the show. But I don't think it's gonna happen. At leaast Prison Break's back on, although I missed the first episode...