Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back breaking work

Following on from Trigkidnometry, I've learned that the younger a child is, the more crap you must tote around with them.


  1. Polkadot I have no clue about children so I won’t be sharing my views on that topic… however regression was mentioned in you previous posts and an image comes to mind… I was sitting in the Airport in the Nude Café section where the tables and seats are higher than usual … and there in front of me were 3 little girls wearing pink tracksuits with white socks and runners eating politely their wholegrain cereal; swinging their white runners in the air - only to take another good look and see that they had white hair, little grannies in their 80’s going for a trip away…. Then I remembered that one of them had spilled the tea all over when paying at the till. I got philosophical and few thoughts went trough my mind and this one is no news to any of us: one thing in life is sure and unavoidable – getting old ( and dying) - so we might as well ENJOY IT NOW!!! Because God only knows how we will regress? What form will we take? How would our Blog sound at that majestic age???

  2. Oh, I hope I regress enough to be able to climb a tree again! Or splash in puddles! Knowing me, I'd just make puddles tho.